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It's true…

Trading options can be difficult, and riskier than most people expect when they first hear about it. On top of that, in the past few years there has been an EXPLOSION of "experts" coming out of the woodwork – and there's no way to tell exactly who you can trust. 

Why trust us?

At J&M Option Trading are working to raise the bar on an industry that has become inundated with too much harmful information for far too long.

Our approach to trading options includes radical transparency, meaning we reveal the results of our daily trading every single day LIVE on our social media pages, with a real, live running P/L counter.

Inside of the system, you get to see the exact trades we recommend and the ones we take (including live entries and exits), so it's no exaggeration to say… our clients keep us honest every day.

Giving You All The Tools You Need To Succeed

Whether you have heard of options and you're just getting ready to start learning about them, or you've been day trading for years, we can provide you with amazing education and state-of-the-art technology to practically ensure your success.

The J&M Option Trading system is highly educational for all levels, allowing you to practice your risk management skill set with our innovative small ($1,000 - $2,000) account challenges.

We also provide you an opportunity to become well-acquainted with the dynamics of live options trading through our Options Mastery Courses, Discord chat, Q&A, and charts analysis before you even place a trade with your own money.

And it only gets better.

Our exceptional algorithm-identified live trading alerts will never leave you out to dry because we guarantee to provide you with alerts for ALL entries and exits, ALWAYS.

The J&M Option Trading system even has advanced features like dark pool prints (secret trade signals that only the absolute smartest investors will ever see) and options flow data and scanners so that you can accurately predict where the market is going next.

The best part about these data sources is that we bring them all into one place so you can access them easily and effortlessly, without staying up all night with dozens of computer windows open.

Ready to see your skills (and your accounts) rapidly improve?

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